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How to Buy Cream Cheese Dips

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Yummy cream cheese

Cream cheese can be used to make all sorts of cream cheese dips. This sinful tasting food originated in America, in 1872 in the state of New York. As the name suggests, there is quite a bit of cream in cream cheese dips, containing 40% saturated fat.  If you are one to watch your calorie intake and are health conscious, limit the consumption cream cheese dips.  You could also opt for the light version that has a fewer calories.  The one good thing about cream cheese dips is that it does not have any trans fat.


Jalapeno cream cheese dip is a hot favorite with most people. The creamy goodness of the cheese paired with the spicy pungent taste of jalapenos is a mouth watering combination. Make sure when buying this that the jalapenos still look green and not a darkish green. The cheese should smell fresh and of course the box should have at least a couple of months left for it to expire.


Fruit cream cheese dips can be bought in a variety of flavors. Remember that cream cheese dips have a pretty short shelf life, even after being refrigerated so use it up quickly. Dips should always have a smooth creamy texture, if it looks at all crumbly, it’s probably become stale.


Olive cream cheese dips are finger licking good. When buying this dip, make sure the olives have been de-seeded and chopped. This dip should always be found in the refrigerated section of any supermarket. If an Italian cheese has been used to make this dip, it will truly bring out the authentic flavor of this cream cheese dip.


Keep in mind all these facts about cream cheese dips before you set out to buy yourself some. They should be easily available at your local supermarket and are pretty affordable.  Don’t go overboard with it or else your waist line will pay the price!


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How To Buy Cream Cheese Dips