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How To Buy Chicken

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How to buy chicken

Learning how to buy chicken results in preparing tasty and flavorful dishes.  Chicken are classified on age and weight. Usually young chicken are juicy and tender while it takes long time to cook the older chicken. Just read on to know how to buy chicken

Types of Chicken

  • To become a good chicken cook you should necessarily learn the types of chicken.
  • Roasters are 16 weeks old that weighs around 4 to 6 pounds. This type is ideal choice for rotisserie cooking and roasting
  • Broiler fryers are only 7 to 10 weeks old; these young chicken tastes good when fried, broiled and roasted
  • Stewing hens are suitable for stewing as they are adult chickens. Stocks, stews or soups turn tasty using stewing hens. Moist heat method cooks the bird well and improves the flavor.
  • Capons are castrated roosters that contain high fat content and give more meat than roasters. These young birds weigh around 5 to 7 pounds

How to Buy Chicken

  • If you plan to cook chicken for one or two persons, then buying a whole chicken is not a good idea unless you plan to store them.
  • Many prefer buying chicken that is organic since they are fed vegetarian diets and raised without any growth hormones. However you also have free range to op from those raised outside and are not caged.
  • Buy the chicken with USDA rating A and examine the packaging, it should be sealed properly without any leaks. Check for the “sell by date” it gives you last day within which the chicken has to be sold.
  • Before buying chicken inspect the physical attributes. The skin should look creamy white or light yellow; avoid the bird that looks pasty or gray.
  • Odor indicates spoilage. However if you come across a strong odor as soon as you open the chicken, this may be the result of oxidation process which goes off when you keep it open for sometime. But if the odor persists for long, return it to the store and get refund.
  • Based on your requirements you can buy whole chicken, cut up chicken or chicken pieces like chicken legs, chicken wings and chicken breasts.

Get ready to make you favorite chicken recipe as you know how to buy chicken that are delicious and tender. Now you are a great chicken picker so start incorporating your culinary skills to come out with fabulous dishes.

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How To Buy Chicken