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How To Buy Meat

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How to buy meat


Here you can find information on how to buy meat to meet your cooking needs. This would help you to choose meat according to your dietary restriction and affordability.


Know About USDA Grading

  • USDA grades meat based on the fat content and quality. There are three meat grades namely Prime, Choice and Select.
  • Prime is the top notch quality that is tender, juicy and has generous marbling. Prime chops taste good when broiled and roasted.
  • Choice stands next to prime, though has less marbling than prime, it’s a high quality meat. This grade meat is also juicy and flavorful.
  • Select is the last grade which contains very less marbling and is fairly tender but not juicy. Dieters and others who prefer lean meat can include this meat in their diet.


How to Buy Meat

  • Decide how much you need for your family. Then according to your budget you can choose the grade. If you don’t mind spending go for prime, prime steaks are best to impress your guest. However you find only choice in most of the grocery stores. The third grade select is used for stews as the meat is very tough than the other grades
  • While buying meat you should check the appearance of the meat.  The flesh should be bright pink color with pure white bones and evenly distributed creamy white fat.
  • Do not buy the dark brown or deep purple meat, those are actually going bad or would belong to an older animal. These meats are not flavorful and juicy.
  • Be careful when you buy value packs, they may be inexpensive but you may end up buying inferior product. These may carry inedible parts such as bones or cartilage. Also it may contain uneven pieces of meat which will not be cooked evenly.
  • When buying meat check the packaging date and buy the one that carries latest packed date.


It is quite tricky to learn how to buy meat that is tasty and flavorful. However once you start trying the various meats and cuts, you will learn to buy the right type of meat that would work well for your dishes.

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How To Buy Meat