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How To Buy Blackberry

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Let’s learn how to buy blackberry to make perfect jam, tarts and pies. This dark purple fruit is often confused with raspberries, though both are called bramble berries, blackberries are smooth and shiner than raspberries.  Here is a guide for you to choose the best blackberries.

 How to buy blackberry

  • You can buy blackberry from field or from the grocery stores.
  • Wherever you buy, examine the berry, it should appear purplish black and all the berries should maintain the same color.
  • If you find green, blue or multi color, then do not buy them as they are under ripe
  • Ripe blackberries are always heavy and should be firm when you touch. Do not buy the ones that are wrinkled and dried out.
  • It has strong berry scent, whether you get them from fields or grocery stores. Avoid buying blackberry without that distinct smell.
  • Raspberry gets detached from its core once it ripens. This is not the case in black berry. Blackberry usually comes with core even after picking from the bush.  So the presence or absence of the core will not determine its ripeness.
  • When you buy packaged blackberry, look out for the one that is dry not having any juice at the bottom of the package. It shows that the package has rotting or over ripe fruits, so avoid buying them.
  • Also check whether any mold is there in the package, it is a clear indication of rotting fruit.

You should wash the blackberries only when you are ready to eat them. Because washing them hastens mold growth. You can store the berries in the freezer up to a year. To make your jam and jellies tasty you should choose the right blackberry else the dish may not turn out well. Reading how to buy blackberry helps to buy the good fruit to consume raw or to use in cooking.

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How To Buy Blackberry