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How to buy cheese

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Buyers find difficult to choose the right cheese from hundreds of cheese vareities. Learning how to buy cheese can make your job easy. Cheeses are available in various shapes, colors and textures. Read on to find out more information about how to buy cheese.

How to buy cheese

  • The first thing you should do is to find the right cheese monger, the person who sells cheese. A good cheese monger is an important person who explains you about various cheeses like its texture, taste, aroma and color.  They would answer all your questions about choosing cheeses and offer serving suggestions and wine recommendations.
  • Cheeses have season and vintages. Not all the cheese varieties are available throughout the year, so find out what cheeses are in season.
  • Taste before buying cheese. Do not hesitate to try out the cheese that you are considering to buy. This would actually help the cheese monger to learn your palate and provide more recommendations.
  • Instead of buying in different shops, stick to one cheese monger as he would know your preferences and would stock for you when new cheeses arrives.
  • Cheeses similar to wine go through different stages. Usually young cheese are rich, flavorful, and tasty than the matured ones. For example young stilton is firm and sharp in taste than the matured stilton.
  • Be careful while buying cheeses that are cracked. In case it has a cut side, check whether it looks fresh and does not have any dried edges.
  • Smell the cheeses to find its age. It is okay if it carries soured milk smell or barnyard smell. If the smell overbears, it is not a good idea to buy them as the cheese would have crossed its peak. Ammonia smell would indicate two things – the cheese has aged long or not aged properly.


Ask your cheese monger to cut the cheese fresh instead buying the wrapped one. Also try to consume cheese at its peak stage. It’s quite difficult to know this, as some cheeses have long shelf life while others are short lived. Once you know how to buy cheese and learn about their types, you can ascertain its peak stage.


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How To Buy Cheese