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How To Buy Turkey

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People are still puzzling how to buy turkey for holidays. Though you can buy turkeys at local markets, factory farmed turkeys are popular in the US. Many farms use growth hormones and inject antibiotics to protect the bird from diseases. So many prefer buying turkey which is fresh and raised locally. It is necessary to gain knowledge about the different kind of turkeys before buying one. The type of the turkey and the size determines its price.


Turkey types

  • Heritage: these birds are pure breeds which are juicer and have a distinct flavor.  This is because these breeds are not over engineered to give heavy breast and huge birds. Some breed comes with less fat, so you need to roast and baste them carefully to retain moisture. It’s better to ask your butcher about the breed you wish to buy.
  • Kosher: Here the turkey undergoes kosher process where the natural bird is brined with salt and water. Thus gives additional flavor and juiciness to the bird.
  • Natural: These varieties are not treated with any solutions. Many stores now sell pre brined turkeys at a nominal price.
  • Organic: These varieties are not fed with any antibiotics or any other animal by product. Nowadays people like to buy organic birds as they are raised in a safe and natural environment.

How to buy turkey

  • Decide the type and size of the turkey you wish to buy. Usually for thanksgiving or any other event you can buy turkey depending on the number of people attending the event.
  • You can figure one pound of turkey for a person, in case you aim for leftover then include half pound per person. So when plan to serve ten people; then you should buy 15 pounds.
  • Always buy turkeys that are raised in natural environment without any antibiotic and hormones. Consuming these may cause any adverse effect on your body.
  • If you want to buy turkey with additional butter, broth, or with any other additives, then buy the one with label “basted” or “self basted”
  • Both fresh as well as frozen turkeys are available at the stores. Frozen ones are usually stored below zero whereas the fresh turkey are never been cooled below 26 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The packaging should be properly sealed without any leaking on it.
  • Buy the package that carries the latest sell by date.
  • Whether you plan to buy turkey online or from nearest store, look out for reputed sites or stores.

Check with your friends about the store or site, their feedback would help to buy the good turkey. While buying turkeys make sure to choose the one with plump breast, moist pinkish to white skin and above all it should not have any off aromas.  These tips about how to buy turkey lets you get the right bird. Enjoy the juiciness, flavor and taste of the good quality bird.

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How To Buy Turkey