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How To Buy Fish

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How To Buy Fish

How to buy fish is a question that often plagues us as we stand before a fish stall while trying to buy  seafood. 

There’s not much reason to worry though. All you have to do is to adhere to some basic rules while buying fish. How would know what they are? Just read on…



If you are intent on buying a whole fish here is what you have to look for.


  • Eyes

Look at the eyes of the fish displayed in a stall. Bright and shiny eyes are the key to freshness here. The fish that has been caught hours or eve days back have dull and opaque eyes. So go along with the old saying, ‘eyes are the mirrors’ in this case it will reveal the freshness of the fish.


  • General Look & Feel


How To Buy Fish


Take a long, hard look at the fish before you commit yourself. Is it shining or a dull gray in color? Are there any discolored patches on it? Discern for yourself by touching the fish lightly. It is good enough if it feels firm; a soft and squashy exterior where your finger sinks in can only mean trouble. Stay clear of such produces as you learn how to buy fish.


  • Smell

A fresh fish is bound to have a clean odor something akin to a salty smell or a touch of brine. You might get a hint of cucumber in the smell as well. But do not go in for fishes that smell of rotting flesh, you are not likely to improve its taste even with spices. Why buy trouble when you ca easily buy fresh fish?


  • Gills

Hold up the gills and take a look. You must have heard of the old saying ‘green around the gills’ a sure sign of fish gone bad. Look for a bright red color not brick colored or grayish gills. The latter means that the fish is far from fresh.


All of the above hold true when you buy fillets as well. Since there are no gills to speak of in a fillet you need to be alert for any kind of liquid oozing out it. A milky white liquid means a rotten fish for sure. Refrain from buying fish fillets with such signs and you will be certain to return home with the best fish in the market.


How To Buy Fish


It is time to celebrate with a fish based dinner now that you have mastered the technique of how to buy fish!


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How To Buy Fish