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How to Buy Flour

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If you cook often and love to bake then you know that the number and varieties of flour available in the market are as varied as the number of grains available for cooking. This grocery school video will deal with the three main types of flour.

• All purpose flour is the most popular type of flour. It is also called white flour and is good for both baking and cooking as the name itself implies.
• Self-rising flour has salt and leavening agents already added to it. This means that it cannot be used for every recipe as the ratio of flour to the salt and leavening agent added varies from brand to brand. Only use self rising flour in the recipe that calls for self-rising flour, other wise the result may be too puffy and salty.
• Whole wheat flour is the most nutritious of all flour varieties as it is made from whole wheat kernels. However they vary widely in texture and density from white flour. It is dense and heavy and will make good wheat breads but not pastries.

Find out how to buy flour on this lesson of Grocery School. Visit

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How to buy flour
Find out how to buy flour on this lesson of Grocery School.

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How To Buy Flour Video, How To Buy Flour