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How To Select A Good Steak Yourself

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Steak is a quite expensive meat and one should take care while selecting a good steak. There are many features associated with buying a steak yourself. You should select a good steak considering many factors. Many feel that the steaks that they buy from the meat market are not good enough. So learn about the varieties and types of steaks, this would help to have a tasty steak.


How to select a good steak from meat market or butcher

  • In the retail markets you can find three grades of meat that include Prime, Choice, and Select. Among the three Prime is the best grade, but very less meat is labeled Prime by USDA as beef available are actually not good enough to label Prime. If you get Prime grade steaks from our meat market, and if you feel the price is okay, go ahead and buy it.
  • Next comes the Choice, this provides the best quality next to Prime grade. Many people prefer to buy choice, whiling selecting this grade look for marbling. This is the thin fat lines present on the steak which gives great flavor to the meat. All good steaks would have thin lines on them.
  • The last grade is Select, if you feel you can afford more, it is better to go for other grades than select.
  • The meat color is very important; color of the meat should be cherry red and fat should look creamy white. Do not buy the one that is gray in color.
  • Do not go to the pre packaged section, buy from the butchers counter.
  • Also choose to buy dry aging meat than wet aging; the taste would be main difference between them. Try to avoid meat which has no aging or the one which is fresh.
  • If you plan to buy packaged meat, do not buy the packet that has excessive moisture and also the packet that passed their sell by date.

Selecting a good steak for your family is very important. Marbling meat though good in quality contains fat, those who like to have fatless meat can go for lean meats. These instructions would have given you an idea to select a good steak. Consider all these factors when you select a good steak next time.

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How To Select A Good Steak Yourself