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How to Buy Pizza Toppings

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Instead of ordering pizza, make one yourself! Find out how to buy pizza toppings on this lesson of Grocery School.
According to USDA, pepperoni must contain at least 55 % beef. The other ingredients can be pork, sugar, cayenne, pepper, paprika, garlic, and at least 45% fat. Higher the fat content, lower is the price.
Italian sausage usually has less than 25 % fat. It should contain at least 65% pork. Leaner the sausage, better it is.
Speaking of pork, ham comes from the hind leg of the pig while Canadian baking is from the tenderloin.
Another pizza topping is regional white meat. Sliced or diced chicken for pizza is available as pre-seasoned.
Also checkout the ground beef. Once chuck and sirloin go through the grinder, 20% of fat can be avoided for making pizza topping.
Time to go for veggies. Canned mushrooms are often used as pizza toppings. Though some pizzas prefer fresh ones, make sure they are thinly sliced.
Tomatoes, onions and green peppers can compliment the flavor of other toppings. They can also bring a lot of water. Slice and dice them properly so that excess moisture will evaporate quickly in the oven.
Black or green olives are also used as pizza toppings. Before using them, you should slice and dice them properly. Olives should be used sparingly due to their brownie taste.
Finally canned pineapple chunks can also sometimes be used as topping. You should not use fresh pineapple because fresh juice can’t take the heat.

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How to buy pizza toppings
Instead of ordering pizza, make one yourself! Making pizza toppings you might need some information on the ingredients used for toppings. Find out how to buy pizza toppings on this lesson of Grocery School.

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How To Buy Pizza Toppings Video, How To Buy Pizza Toppings