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How To Buy String Cheese

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string cheese

String cheese is the name used in context of cheese that can be peeled. When you strip string cheese, it comes off in strings or threads from the main cheese, hence the name 'string cheese.’


Cow, sheep, and goat milk can all be used in the making of stringcheese, creating a wide range of flavors from a very creamy, savory cheese to a sharp, pungent one. The texture of string cheese is usually firm and elastic, with some cheeses splitting apart and feeling stringy in the mouth. Cheese mongers will happily oblige to cut you a small sample for tasting purposes, so that consumers who are pondering over buying an unusual cheesecan find out what it tastes like before committing.


The primary benefit of string cheese is that it is a great source of calcium. A single serving of string cheese supplies anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of the calcium that is suggested on a daily basis by the USDA. String cheese has about 2% milk fat and 80 calories per ounce. You can also get this as a lower fat option. A popular brand for string cheese is “Sargento.” This is a good snack for kids in particular as they have fun stripping the strings of cheese. Adults can enjoy this as a snack as well. A little tip for those watching their salt intake, soak this cheese in some water to strip off some of the sodium.


Buy string cheese from your local super-market or specialty grocery store. This cheese is also available at a lot of gas stations as it eaten as a snack by a lot of people. It is quite reasonably priced and the most popular kind is made from mozzarella. They are always individually wrapped and sold in a box or separately as well.


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How To Buy String Cheese