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How To Buy Cheddar Cheese

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In case you didn’t know already, Cheddar cheese is the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world.  This cheese originates in originates from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, South West England but today is manufactured and sold all across the world. When fully cured cheddar cheese is a hard, natural cheese.



Tips To Buy Cheddar Cheese


Quality: Cheddar cheese has an extensive range of flavors, depending on how it is made and how long it is aged. Young cheddar cheese tends to be milder, while longer aged cheesehas a sharper, intricate flavor. At a minimum, cheddar cheese is aged for around 12 weeks, but aging can take as much as 30 months. Cheddar cheese goes through a process called “cheddaring” while it is created to surrender a distinct level of moisture and exceptional texture. The cheddaring process is quite unique, and it drastically changes the end product.


Type of Cheddar: Farm house cheddar cheese is always better than buying the mass produced variety and it should always contain at least 50% of milk fat. A good quality cheddar cheese will remain velvety even after melting and will carry more protein in it as well. To really figure out which kind you like, try out all the various brands available and then decide on your favorite.  The texture of the cheddar cheese says a lot about its quality as well. A hard and flaky surface is always a good sign, and fine grained cheddar more superior to the coarse one.

Many cheeses bear the Cheddar name, but are actually flavored processed cheeses, and often contain barely any similarities to the original cheese. Examples include Easy Cheese, a processed cheese available in a spray can or in separately wrapped processed cheese slices.


Buy cheddar cheese more wisely now that you know what to look out for. It should be easily available at your local supermarket. Of course needless to say, don’t forget to look out for the expiration date!

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How To Buy Cheddar Cheese