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How To Buy Cacique Cheese

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Buy cacique cheese

Cacique Cheese is the largest fresh cheese maker in the United States. It is a private company established in 1973 in the state of California. Cacique is known for the best quality Hispanic cheeses, creams, chorizo and yogurts in the marketplace. Most of their products, including the Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana are made with all natural ingredients and the best Grade A, real California milk.


·         When you are out to buy cacique cheese there are some ground rules to go by. Always smell the cheese, if possible. It’s perfectly acceptable if you catch a whiff of soured milk, or a "barnyard" smell, in the cheeses. But if those smells are domineering, the cheese could be past its peak. Also, watch out for the smell of ammonia—often a signal that the cheese has aged too long, or hasn’t aged properly.

·         It’s advised to have your cheese monger slice your cheese selections fresh; pass up pieces already wrapped in plastic if at all possible.


·         Of course always check the date on the packaging of the cheese. Everybody should know this rule. Don’t pick up anything extremely close to the expiration date unless you plan to use it right away.  


·         When you buy cacique cheese you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that thecheese has likely been lovingly produced and tended to for all of its natural life. It’s up to you to assure the continuation of that quality of life, right up until the time you or your fortunate guests eat it. Right after you pick up the cheese, carry with you an insulated cooler to store the cheese in. Especially if you have errands planned after the grocery shopping.


You can find cacique cheese quite easily at all Wal-Mart stores. Cacique products are slightly on the expensive side but definitely worth every penny you pay for them.


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How To Buy Cacique Cheese