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How To Buy Cheese Fruit

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Buy Cheese fruitThe first thing that comes to our mind about cheese fruit is that it must be a variety of cheese. But surprisingly, it’s not a type of cheese but a fruit, native to Southeast Asia and Australia. The scientific name of cheese fruit is Morinda citrifolia, while it is commonly known by various names like Indian mulberry in India, mengkudu in Indonesia and Malaysia, pace in Java, noni in Hawaii and so on. Well, this was a brief introduction on this uniquely named fruit. Let’s talk about the fruit and its quality.


Have you ever eaten this fruit? The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and many other vital minerals and nutrients and has several pharmaceutical properties. The smell of the fruit is awful which generally discourages people to select the best one while purchasing. But not to forget, that if you want to relish the taste of cheese fruit, you have to bear that discouraging smell. Apart from it, there are several other important things to keep in mind while you buy cheese fruit. Hereby, is a brief guide to give you basic information on how to buy good quality cheese fruit.


To buy cheese fruit, look for the fresh one. The fresh ripe fruit is translucent and green-white in color. Don’t buy green fruits as they are unripe and won’t be suitable to be eaten raw. The strong smell is a characteristic of ripe fruits so don’t get discouraged from it. The reason behind this strong odor is nature’s way of fruit and seed dispersal through Fruit Bats. So, instead of thinking much about smell, sample the best edible cheese fruit while shopping.


I know it’s easy to say that tolerate the smell while you buy cheese fruit, but difficult to do the same. So, there is an easy trick to check the fruit while you buy it. To check the taste of fruit, hold your nose and bite the fruit. It will taste like blue-veined cheese which has been mixed with hot mustard.


You can eat the fruit raw or cook it. If you want to cook it, buy an unripe fruit. The unripe variety which is green in color is smashed up and eaten as a vegetable. If you want to eat the fruit raw, go for the ripe variety. The juice of cheese fruit is often mixed with coconut milk and often given to patient suffering from Ciguatera. For this also you need ripe variety.


Go by the abovementioned information while you buy cheese fruit, you will end up buying a good quality fruit.


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How To Buy Cheese Fruit