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5 Great Food Ideas for Purim Gifts Basket

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Every year in March, Jews celebrate Purim, the day when the Jews in Persia were saved from being exterminated by Haman, an evil advisor to the king. The preparations for the celebrations begin several days in advance. Lots of food and sweets are prepared by the families and exchanged in the form of Purim Gifts Basket. The Jews follow a Kosher diet, which is outlined in accordance with certain pre-defined rules. For selecting an apt purim gift you need to be aware of the Kosher rules. We will help you in identifying the simplest and best purim ideas for a Purim Gifts Basket.


Kosher Salt Chocolates: You are spoilt for choice with a number of chocolate artisans to choose from. The key to identify the Kosher friendly chocolate artisan is to look for Kosher salt chocolates. They taste just like the sea salt chocolates but are less creamy in taste. And that is due to the controlled amount of butter that is added to the chocolate, since it is to be prepared according to Kosher standards. The method of preparation of Kosher salt chocolates is extensive, thus they are expensive. You can add a pack of these chocolates in your Purim gifts basket.

Regulach: It is a Jewish pastry. These crescent-shaped pastries are available in several variations. The dough of the pastry can be sour cream or cream cheese based. However, traditional regulach was prepared with fresh yeast. The dough is shaped into triangles and each triangle is filled with dry fruits such as almonds, sultanas, walnuts or pistachios. It is then rolled from the wider end toward the narrower end of the pastry. These crescent-shaped pastries are baked till golden brown and taste delectable when they are fresh. It is a refreshing change from the syrup based sweets. Thus, it is an excellent choice for your Purim gift basket.

Hamantashen: It is a Jewish pastry which can be both sweet and savoury. Hamantashen is a three corner shaped pastry which is usually filled with a mix of dry fruits and a little sugar syrup or with spicy beef mixture. It resembles the hat of Haman. A circular disk of dough is folded in a particular sequence to assemble the pastry.

Challah: It is a braided bread, which is prepared Kosher style. It is prepared with eggs, white flour, water, and sugar. It is always braided in the a braid of three or six or nine. This beautiful bread when shared as a gift brings immense joy.

Candy: Candies can be easily prepared at home. The benefit of doing that is to ensure that there are no preservatives in the candy, which is one of the Kosher rules. All you need is sugar, water, glucose, tartric acid, butter paper, flavoring and a cooking thermometer and you are all set to prepare candy for your Purim gift basket.

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5 Great Food Ideas For Purim Gifts Basket