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How To Buy Velveeta Cheese

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Velveeta cheese

Velveeta cheese is a processed cheese labeled as 'Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product' in the United States. The processed Velveeta cheese derives its name from the velvet like smooth texture which is its iconic property. Velveeta cheese is very easy to use and unlike other dairy cheeses, has a longer shelf life.






  • Significant properties of velveeta cheese

Velveeta cheese is a stable product and would not spoil even if not refrigerated. It has been an integral part of all American homes since the 1920s. This cheese finds its use in staple dishes like macaroni and cheese, cheese dips, nachos etc. Velveeta cheese is very easy to melt, cut ,and use. It has a flavor similar to Cheddar cheese and a creamy texture unlike other dairy cheeses which are stringy. The best part of Velveeta cheese is that it can be bought in a variety of forms like shredded, sliced, loaf etc making it very convenient to be used while cooking. The cheese is available in different flavors too, like bacon, chilies etc.

  • Tips to Buy Velveeta Cheese


  1. Velveeta cheese can be bought only in Canada, Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong and United States. The cheese available in other countries is certainly not Velveeta.

  2. Usually, the cheese is packaged in a loaf or block form, wrapped in foil and boxed.

  3. Velveeta that is stored outside, might have less moisture content leading to loss of its properties of melt-ability and creamy texture. Hence buy Velveeta cheese stored in refrigerator only.

  4. Make sure that the packaging of cheese has not been tampered with and is sealed while purchasing.

  5. Check the labels for percentage of fat since 2 percent lower-fat variety of Velveeta cheese is also available.


Velveeta cheese is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be included in all regular home cooking where cheese is required. Since it is easy to melt and mold, it can be spread on sandwiches and sprinkled on pizzas. The cheese can be easily melted in microwave or on stove top prior to adding into meats, vegetables ,and macaroni.


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How To Buy Velveeta Cheese