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Bento Lunch Boxes: Easy Way To Eat Healthy On Budget

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Budget healthy eating become

s a lot easier with the use of the Bento box. For those of you who don’t know what this is, read on. Bento boxes are compartmentalized boxes. The sections are of different sizes and some of them can be tightly sealed in order to hold liquids like soup, salad dressings


etc. The bento box has been used in Japan for years now and is slowly becoming a rage in the western world. However even fewer people are aware of the fact that you can actually save money if you learn how to use this box wisely.


The very first obvious saving isof course pocketing your lunch money. Carrying a bento box means you are bringing food from home and not spending your hard earned money at cafes and other eateries. Think about how much you shell out per week on an average at lunch and then re-calculate for savings for the whole month. I’m sure you will be surprised with the number.


People often tend to toss left-over from dinner or store them till they spoil and trash it. Now with the Bento box you can start using those left-over to fill up the various compartments in the Bento box. You don’t need much quantity as the bento box also focuses a lot on portion control. Even the slightest bit of food left over can be packed up in bento lunch boxes and you stop wasting food as a result.

Think about the number of plastic cups, containers and paper bags you have purchased to carry food for lunch. Although, not very expensive, in the long run can amount to a good amount of money. Bento lunch boxes are re-usable, sturdy and of course more environmental friendly than the disposable containers you were using earlier. Not only do you save a sizeable amount of money over time you also are going green.

With these budget healthy eating ideas you really should not waste much time to get yourself a bento lunch box today. Head over to the Asian market or even your nearest supermarket to pick one up for yourself.


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Bento Lunch Boxes: Easy Way To Eat Healthy On Budget