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5 Superb Jewish Gift Ideas For Purim Celebrations

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In Hebrew Purim gift baskets are called Mishloach Manot; traditionally these gift baskets must contain at least three types of foods so that the recipient utters three blessings over the foods in basket. We have suggested here five creative Jewish gift ideas for your ready reference.

  • According to religious instruction people from Jewish community are asked to share their foods on Purim with their friends and family members. Drinking wine is also a religious agenda of Purim night. For obvious reason, gifting food baskets with Purim special pastries and wine is a wonderful gifting idea. For example, gift basket with orange cakes, orange juice, and wine might be a great Purim gift plan. Similarly, like orange, grape basket, and peach basket are also easy but attractive gift basket options for friends and relatives.
  • Purim fest is all about bonding and relationships with friends and relatives and Purim gift basket is the showcase of the love and concern. If you are sending the gift basket for someone special you can fill it with Purim special pastry Hamantsash with poppy seed made jelly, cheese, chocolate candies, and a bottle of sparkling champagne. For better effect you can warp the basket with cellophane and also can add a bow on the collar of the basket recalling the party spirit of Purim night. You can add candles and cupcakes too in your gift basket.
  • You can make some Purim cards and Purim masks for the gift at Purim night. While making the gift basket with Purim foods like Hamantsash, Challah, and Kreplach, you can also place a Purim card and the masks inside the basket. Cover the basket with rose petals and place a bottle of wine in the middle of the basket.
  • Like adults, Kids alo take active interst in Purim celebration so you should make gift baskets for the kids of your family. Place lots of chocolate candies inside the basket, cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla flavor, orange juice or grape juice, fruits, Purim crackers and colorful masks.
  • According to religious instructions, Purim tradition should be followed by giving food gifts to friends, relatives, and neighbors; by traditional practice, nuts, fruits, hamantashen are often gifted to closed people as traditional Purim gifts.

Jewish gift ideas for Purim festival are age-old concepts. However the idea for Purim gift has endless potential for using creativity and imagination. You can create some new gift ideas as well.

Wish you a healthy Purim.

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5 Superb Jewish Gift Ideas For Purim Celebrations