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5 Foods You Can Give As Purim Gifts

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Purim is undoubtedly one of the most awaited and fun holidays in the Jewish calendar. This is the time when gift baskets are sent to friends and relatives, wishing good luck and happy days to each other. Purim gifts are mainly in the form of gift baskets which are available easily as Purim gift basket in almost all supermarkets. These gifts are mainly in the form of food items which include fresh fruits, candies, chocolates, pastries and many other varieties of ready-to eat food items.



If you are looking for Purim gifts for your friends and relatives, here are some ideas which you will love.

5 Food you can give as Purim gifts:

Purim Nosh - This is a great way to embrace Purim tradition and share some heartwarming gifts with one another. Purim Nosh is assembled in a wicker platter and is a fantastic assortment of goodies which are bound to bring a happy feeling. This Purim gift basket includes chalets, raspberry, poppyseeds, apricots, chocolate covered pretzels, almonds, peanuts, jelly beans and a delicious pack of grape juice. This gift looks wonderful in its multicolored cello and festive décor.

Purim Essential– This special Purim gift is considered to be one of the most popular baskets available, as it is a collection of some of the most essential Jewish edibles. This basket offers a freshly baked delicious challah, chocolate babka, rugelach, delicious and much in demand hamestashen and lots more. All edibles are eleganty packed in reusable melamine tray with a lovely colorful look.

PurimBakery Tower- This Purim gift is a great source of some delicious Jewish bakery goodies and makes a wonderful gift for your college kids or your friends or even your officemates. This gift basket includes a lovely hamentashen, mini cookies, rugelach which includes raspberries, chocolates and cinnamon. This Purim gift basket is specially decorated with a festive Purim ribbon.

Purim cake baskets – Who does not love cakes and moreover Purim story has a long association and royalty with cake eating. Hence, if you are looking for that complete Purim gift basket – then this is the perfect one for you. In this cake basket you will find delicious creamy hummus with pretzel chips, cinnamon walnut mouthwatering coffee cake, delicious cashews, milk chocolates, almond chocolate bars, organic herbal tea and delicious honey sticks. This entire Purim gift box is packaged in a traditional leaf basket and beautifully carved in a cello and wrapped with a cello basket.

Purim mixed food basket– This is a complete delight for those who are looking for a mixed set of goodies on this holiday. This basket is completely elegant and includes some additional snacks such as salt crackers, hamentashen, chocolate truffles which are all packaged in a classic, very stylish seagrass tray. Those who desire to include wine, can choose wine baskets too which features delicious kosher wine, packaged traditionally.

Now, that you have all the details and choices of the variety of   food gift   baskets for this special occasion, just walk into your nearest supermarket and get gift baskets for everyone you love! 


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5 Foods You Can Give As Purim Gifts