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How To Buy Emmental Cheese

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Emmental cheese is also called Swiss cheese in the US

If you are planning to buy Emmental cheese here are a few suggestions. Emmental is also called Swiss cheese in the US, Australia and New Zealand.


It originated in the Emme valley. But Emmentaler may be found in Bavaria and France too with similar sounding names. Emmental cheese and Gruyere cheese are famous Swiss gourmet cheese used in fondues. These were made famous by cartoons showing cheese with holes and is identified easily that way too.


It has large holes in the cheese which is very typical of Swiss cheese. This happens when the CO2 hasn’t been removed during production due to inconsistent pressing. Swiss cheese has a sharp taste. The American Swiss cheese, the US version is slightly nutty, aged for 4 months and has a milder flavor. It is made from cow’s milk.


The Emmental being the oldest cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk with a buttery, fruity flavor. They have a smooth flavor with a yellow rind. The refining of 10-12 weeks reveals its taste, flavor and nutritional qualities. The original Emmentals that has been registered since 2000 is aged for 4 months. These are typically round shaped with a natural rind aged in cellars. The Emmentaler Switzerland premier on the other hand is aged for 14 months in humid caves


How to buy Emmental?

There are several online shopping that takes care of your Emmental cheese needs. So if you are buying Emmental cheese make sure to get the best, aged and original Swiss cheese. The price ranges and an 8oz can be had for 7$ that will be shipped to you in 24 hrs. You can buy a whole wheel-15lbs for $196.62 or the cheese fondue 400g for $10.49. If you prefer Kosher Emmental shredded it might cost you around 1.25$ and the Swiss cheese-Emmental Francois -1lb is 23$.


This gourmet cheese has become a standard feature everywhere used as grated cheese, fondue, sandwiches and other dishes. Buying Emmental cheese is buying Swiss cheese; enjoyed by the kids as well as the adults.


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How To Buy Emmental Cheese