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How To Buy Vintage Lunch Boxes

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Are you a Vintage Collector! Then these tips on how to buy vintage lunch boxes or rather how to collect vintage lunch boxes will give you loads of information that you have been waiting for...


Top ideas on buying vintage lunch boxes


Start early: Of course, whats in vogue today can be vintage tomorrow, so never undermine the value of the lunch box designs available in market today. Purchase the best pieces and  stock, you will not regret for sure. 


Look at unusual avenues: You don't really need to buy vintage lunch boxes to have a nice collection. I, for instance caught hold of a whole series of Archies and Casper the Friendly ghost when cleaning the garage for my uncle. Look at the store rooms, attics, garage, they are a real treasure trove at times!



Scour the flea markets: The best way to buy vintage lunch boxes is to go deep into the old streets, and flea markets. The vintage lunch boxes in some areas are still sold at the price in the 1980’s, great bargain! Likewise, if you know any old- corner uncle shops at your grandpa’s county, peek in at the nearest antique shop and who knows, you may have a Bambi or a Superman staring at you!


Have an eye for the REAL thing: Though it may seem funny to people, when I began collecting vintage lunch boxes, I usually went for the ones that were a little rusted, kind of bumped out. Somehow it always felt nice to get a vintage lunch box which may have a story behind it! Sigh!



Online Websites: If cash is no constraint or you are looking for a Vintage piece to gift it to someone interested, then online shopping websites can be the best and simplest of all means to buy a vintage lunch box. 




Now a few quick tips what to look for when buying vintage lunch boxes if you are a rookie! :)

  • Plastic or tin- Decide which one, and search for it accordingly. The plastic ones may come cheaper and may be swankier, yet nothing proves mettle better than metal!


  • Know what you are trailing- If you have been collecting sincerely, you may want to buy specific theme based vintage lunch boxes, or else if you are just beginning, go for what you like.


  •  Vintage value – The whole idea behind buying vintage lunch boxes is to add on to your collection’s vintage value. Look for more valuable ones like Michael Jackson, Knight Rider and Well, hard to get ones.


Remember  to buy does not always mean a money transaction, it also means throw always and garage sales, yard sales, memorabilia shops and auction shop. Here you are to find more of the vintage lunch boxes that you can add to your collection. Someone else's junk might be your gold.


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How To Buy Vintage Lunch Boxes