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How To Buy Camembert Cheese

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Camembert Cheese

Camembert cheese is one among the renowned French cheeses. A buttery and succulent cheese, Camembert cheese has a very thin and aromatic crust that can be eaten. Hailing from Normandy, France, this cheese is made from the milk of the cows that graze on soil rich with apple trees.



Tips To Buy Camembert Cheese

It is essential to know the basic quality attributes of the cheese, in order to buy the perfect Camembert cheese. Here is a look at the salient features of this succulent French cheese…


While many people feel that Camembert cheese comes with an apple flavor, in general this cheese radiates a nutty and earthy flavor with very gentle mold hint.



When compared to Brie, Camembert cheese has a more complex and robust texture. The chalky white crust rendered by mold adds to the earthy flavor and robust structure of this distinct French cheese.



The creamy litheness, oozing and ripe nature of this cheese, put together with the saltiness make this cheese a distinctive one.



According to legal terms, this cheese should undergo an ageing process of about 21 days. The cheese turns softer, crumblier, and creamier by the end of 3 weeks



Mature Camembert cheese comes with a pale yellow color as it is made from pasteurized cow’s milk.


The Distinguishing Qualities To Look For When Buying Camembert Cheese

Here are some vital things to be kept in mind while you buy Camembert cheese.

1. This French cheese comes in a round shape in a wooden box.

2. Look for plump cheese, which is very soft when touched.

3. Never buy this cheese if it has cracked or has a hard crust. A hard or cracked crust is an indication of improper ageing.

4. When cut, the cheese should start oozing from the center gently and should be clear yellow in color.

5. Avoid runny cheeses, as they may be overripe and can prove to be bad for health.

6. Avoid Camembert cheese if the body is hard or the skin is not chalky white.


The next time you wish to purchase Camembert cheese, make use of these tips to relish a better quality cheese .


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How To Buy Camembert Cheese