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How To Buy Wensleydale Cheese

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How To Buy Wensleydale CheeseWensleydale Cheese is a British cheese that comes from Cheshire, England. A blue mold cheese by tradition, Wensleydale Cheese has a rich crumbly texture. Wensleydale cheese may be described as a slightly sweet cheese with a tinge of sourness. It is available mostly as white cheese, which is very similar to white cheddar cheese. To buy the perfect Wensleydale Cheese, it is essential to have a basic knowledge about the properties and distinguishing qualities of this English cheese. Here are a few tips that will help you in this task…



Flavor Of Wensleydale Cheeses

According to cheese experts, Wensleydale has a distinct flavor as well as texture which can be compared to a Parmesan and cream cheese mixture.  The aroma and flavor of the cheese is accentuated by adding fruits like blueberries or cranberries to it.

Types Of Wensleydale Cheeses

Wensleydale cheese comes in five different variants. Knowing the properties and quality distinguishers of each of them will help you to differentiate and purchase the one of your choice.


1. Real Yorkshire Wensleydale

Real Yorkshire Wensleydale is the most basic version of this cheese. It comes in various sizes and weight moulds, right from the smallest truckle. The truckle is preserved using wax and is highly pressed. You will also get larger cheeses. Real Yorkshire Wensleydale is mild and comes with tangy-honey flavor. This matures in just 3 weeks and is moist and crumbly.


2. Mature Wensleydale

This Wensleydale is harder and comes with an intense flavor when compared to the Real Yorkshire Wensleydale. The Mature Wensleydale is prepared by aging Real Yorkshire Wensleydale for about 6 months.


3. Extra Mature Wensleydale

The strongest among the Wensleydale variants of cheeses, it is prepared by ageing Real Yorkshire Wensleydale for about 9 months of time.


4. Blue Wensleydale

The original and traditional form of Wensleydale, this cheese variant comes with blue veins. The assertive acidic flavor of this cheese enhances with age. Even though Blue Wensleydale is highly flavored, it is less salty when compared to Blue Stilton cheese.


5. Oak Smoked Wensleydale

This is prepared by cold smoking the Real Yorkshire Wensleydale. Smoking gives this cheese a unique texture and flavored, which is preferred by countless consumers.



Wensleydale can be paired with dry white or sweet wines and fruits like pears. You can also use fresh variants with whole wheat bread and as party of tarts.


If you are new to Wensleydale Cheese, then follow these instructions to find the perfect one of your choice.


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How To Buy Wensleydale Cheese