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How To Select Catering Gloves

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When in a kitchen environment, you need to handle a lot of hot equipment and material, hence, to avoid any risk of burns, it is important to use catering gloves. Let’s find out with this article How To Select Catering Gloves.

How To Select Catering Gloves: When handling hot liquids, there are chances that it splashes upon you. Hence, good catering gloves should be able to reduce the risk of burns. It should also protect you from steam, which has a more devastating affect than assumed. Moreover, the catering gloves should also offer comfort as well as durability.

Why do you need catering gloves: If you are planning to start your own catering business or already have one, hardly matters, what matters is that you buy right kind of catering supplies, if you want to earn success in what you are doing. Do not overlook the smaller things as they can make a lot of difference.

Types of gloves: Different types of catering gloves are available in market like service gloves, heat resistance hand gloves, rubber gloves, high temperature gloves, plastic disposable hand gloves and hand protection gloves. You buy them depending on your need like high temperature gloves can be used for oven, while aluminized gloves are excellent for molten metal splash and fire proximity. Rubber gloves are available in 10" to 24" size, while heat resistant ones come in medium, large and XL size. Service gloves give a sophisticated touch to parties.

Where to get catering gloves: For catering supplies like catering gloves, the best place to look for them is the Internet. There are number of catering suppliers and manufacturers available on the web – all you need to do is select a piece and order, the company will deliver it tat your doorstep.

Some of the well-known catering gloves suppliers are C&K Product Division in Cleveland, A.W. Mendenhall Co Inc. Elk Grove Village, Ansell Protective Products Inc in Red Bank, Babylon Catering - Temple Hills, Bachetti Bros. Catering Wilmington and Ballard Enterprises in Baltimore. Read more on catering here.

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How To Select Catering Gloves