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Get To Know These Five Quirky Wine Labels That Are Romantic Too

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Why don’t you celebrate the d-day by gifting your Valentine with quirky wine labels, instead of the predictable chocolates? It is indeed a great way to surprise the love of your life by presenting him with some quirky and romantic wine labels that are bound to get him gasping with the sheer incredulity of it all. After all its laughter that makes the world go round, right? Share some amusing moments this Valentines' Day by taking a look at the quirky wine labels that are too obnoxious or humorous for words. But how do you ensure that you have the right brands? Get to know these five quirky wine labels that are romantic too, they are bound to make your day on the 14th of February this year.


  1. Pin-Up- This brand of vintage wine produced by the Russian River valley can serve as one of those perfect quirky and romantic wine labels for your Valentine. A combination of Cabaret and Desire vintages, it is sure to make its mark as you pep up the romantic day with quirky wine labels.

  2. Marilyn Wines- Is your Valentine obsessed about movie stars? Egg him on by presenting him with a huge bottle of Marilyn Wine which has the image of the 60’s sex symbol on the bottle. After all, no expense can be too great to see the amazed look on your partner’s face as you present him with the quirky and romantic wine labels.

  3. Naughty Cellars- You can never go wrong with this Napa Valley red depicting a bunch of naughty cherubs on its label. Termed as the most quirky wine labels, the bunch of Petite Sirah, and Syrah along with Rose and Brut, the naughty bubblies are definite to set your Valentine’s heart aflutter.

  4. Some Young Pulps- Quirky wine labels based on ‘Quickie’, the pulp fiction is bound to cause much laughter setting the right kind of mood for the long romantic day ahead.

  5. Cycles Gladiator- The sight of the red headed hottie cycling in the nude is an ideal gift for your partner this season. Based on the vintage poster created by P G. Massias, it is one of the quirky wine labels banned by the state of Alabama.


Get hold of some the most quirky wine labels this season and give your Valentine a treat! Your gesture is bound to make him appreciate you even more as he revels in your attention.

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Get To Know These Five Quirky Wine Labels That Are Romantic Too