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How To Choose A Good Scotch

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Most people may not be Scotch aficionados and cannot tell the difference between a Laphroaig or a Glenmorangie. So how to choose a good Scotch if you are label challenged? Here are a few tips on choosing a good Scotch.

Before choosing a good scotch you should know what the two terms single malt scotch or blended scotch means. These are whisky distilled in Scotland from grain and malt. The grain whisky is made from malted barley, unmalted barley and other grains. The malt whisky is made from malted barley alone. So choose a good scotch basing on these information listed.

Most Scotch whisky is corporate owned and only around 1% is family owned. Scotch whisky is said to have originated in the 1494. It is both unique and an interesting drink with replication being very difficult.

The variety of the barley used, the casks for storage, the period of storage or aging, peat over coal flame, the distillation container add to the unique flavor of the drink. Oak barrels might be much better giving it a fruity flavor. The region and the weather it is distilled in, or cultivated also makes a difference.

So then what is blended scotch? The blended Scotch is blends of up to 50 different kinds of grain and malt whiskies. 95% of scotch found in Scotland are blended variety.The blended Scotch is not as strongly flavored as the single malt and is also less expensive to buy.

The single malt on the other hand is for scotch aficionados who prefer the single, strong flavor and are also connoisseurs of it. The single malt is also very expensive and enjoyed most by discerning consumers who can tell the difference.

Scotch whisky maybe made from the easiest ingredients like barley, water and peat but when it comes to choosing a good Scotch whisky one might find oneself thoroughly confused with the choices out there.

  1. Different distilleries use different techniques and then the taste becomes very characteristic of that brand.
  2. It might be a good idea to try all single malt whisky ‘neat' or ‘straight up’ to get its authentic taste and pick the one you like.
  3. To choose good single malt whiskies select the region it comes from. There may be the ‘Highland’, ‘Lowland’, ‘Speyside’ and ‘Islay’. Now there are further divisions to this basing on North, South, East or West.
  4. Choosing a good scotch by its age. The longer a Scotch has been aged the smoother it tastes. Once you picked the region pick the oldest Scotch whisky from it. The minimum age of Scotch whisky is 3 years. However Scotch aged for 10 years and more are preferred choices. They are more expensive too.
  5. Once you have chosen an appropriate age of Scotch then drink it straight up or neat without the addition of any water to it to enjoy its authentic taste.
  6. Single malt can also be had with the addition of water or ice chips to it. Some even add club soda to it.
  7. The Scotch whisky that gives you the greatest pleasure with its smell, taste and the effect while swallowing it is the one you could choose as a preferred drink.
  8. Let your nose and the tongue be your best guide to your favorites scotch keeping all the other facts in hand. Now I think it would be easy to choose a good scotch.

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How To Choose A Good Scotch