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How To Buy Dried Corn Husks

How To Buy Dried Corn Husks? Wow! Back from where I come, I have never heard of anyone selling dried corn husk. The corn husks were generally treated as trash or they were probably eaten by the cows. But, over the years as I developed deep respect for the Mexican cuisine, I learnt that there are no tamales without any dried corn husks. If I had been the king of this world, I will make sure that no one ever has to buy dried corn husks; they should have it for free. But, that is not going to happen any time soon. So till then, one has to buy dried corn husks. And since not all of us have access to cornfields and crop circles, we have to buy dried corn husks. This blog is going to be all about buying dried corn husks and using them to make those perfect tamales.    



1. Please visit your local farmers market. I love farmers markets because that is where you can bargain and get things at a fair place. There is pretty good chance that you might get the corn husks for free. In case you do, all you have to do is sun-dry them for a few days before you can use them to make those tamales. But, if you manage to buy dried corn husks, I'm darn sure that you would have got them at a steal price.


2. I don't know how much this one would work but you can try. Buy dried corn husks online. There are many online stores which sell dried corn husks. By the time, they reach to you, you might as well make your own dried corn husks.


3. In any big grocery store, there is a mighty good chance that you would find the dried corn husks in the 'Mexican' or in the 'Ethnic' food sections. You might find them along with the ingredients needed to make the tamales.


It is my strong recommendation that you head to your local farmers' market to buy dried corn husks. You might get the fresh, green corn husks more easily than the dried ones. DO not worry about that. Just get them home and like mentioned earlier, sun-dry them for a few days. Then you can store those dried corn husks in an airtight plastic bag. Remember to keep the plastic bag containing the dried corn husks in a clean and dry place. Keep them away moist and wet places, because they will absorb the moisture and turn soggy.                                                                        


I think I have given you enough info. You can now go and buy dried corn husks now.  



Buen Provecho!



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How To Buy Dried Corn Husks