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How To Buy Canadian Wine In The US

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As Canada is another country, there are many restrictions when it comes to buying Canadian wine. If you are traveling to Canada, you can pick up a bottle of wine for personal consumption, duty free. If you are buying Canadian wine of more than one bottle, then you will have to pay IRS tax, which amounts to about 25 cents. The original cost of the wine bottle or the wine brand does not matter, as this 25 cents is a flat rate for buying Canadian wine and bringing it into the United States of America. In case you are living in Washington and you want to buy Canadian wine, then the rules of the state apply. You will have to fill out a form and pay some additional money to the state's Liquor Control Board. This amounts to about a dollar per bottle of wine.


Rules and Regulations

In case you are buying Canadian wine in excessive amounts, you might be detained at the customs. If you are wondering how much is excessive, then that is a very subjective question. In most cases it depends on the officer and his take on buying Canadian Wine. In such cases you will be asked to show your identification and you will have to provide proof of the fact that you buy Canadian wine for personal consumption and not for retail.


Online Deals

If making a trip all the way to Canada to buy some good wine is not exactly your idea of spending a weekend, then it is best to buy Canadian wine online. Do a little net surfing till you find a credible website that supplies the wine of your choice in the USA. Snooth is one such reliable website.


There are certain web pages that allow you to set not just the name but also the year of wine making, thereby making the search very easy. Organize the page depending on brand, year, name or price and go through the list until you decide what you want to buy. Click on the one that you want to buy and fill out the mailing details with your information. Do remember to note all the details down and just relax and wait for the Canadian wine to arrive.


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How To Buy Canadian Wine In The US