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Gift Your Honey Some Honey This Valentine

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Valentines Day is approaching fast and so is the quest for a special gift for someone very special in your life is gaining momentum. So this year we have a very special Valentine's Day gift ideas, gift your honey some honey this Valentine. What could be a better gift than honey for honey? Wooing with red roses and chocolates for someone as sweet as honey is a very usual Valentine gift idea. Gift your honey with something as unique 

as honey because it’s sweet and at the same time your honey will get the health benefits of honey. He or she could enjoy the honey for a long time and recall the sweet memories every time he or she reaches out to the jar of honey.


Don't buy some regular honey for a special occasion like Valentine's, honey for honey has to be special too. So, here is a selection of 4 brand of honey, they are unique so it’s bound to please your loved one.


The Hamptons Honey Company

Honey from this company is pure and unprocessed. It is cloudy and has a pale golden color to it. It tastes slightly tangy and floral. And it has all the nutrients of honey. This honey has thicker consistency and spreads like butter. Have it with hot toddy or chill yogurt, it goes well with all.


Savannah Bee Company Honey Comb Jar

This is a very special honey for honey because it comes from Tupelo trees growing alongside the waterways that start from Southern Georgia to Northern Florida. Your honey is going to love this for its delicate flavors. Anyone having a sweet tooth is going to love it, so much so that it can be used in place of the sweetener especially try it as a sandwich between hot biscuits and cheese. Yum!!


Ballard Bee Company

This honey comes in a beautiful jar so it’s more appealing as a Valentine gift.  The specialty of this honey is that it is a combination of honey from many plants and that is how it gets it golden color and translucent texture. It is more fluid and thus perfect for drizzling than spreading.


The Health Foodie Meeadowfoam Honey

This honey is simply fabulous because you can taste vanilla and marshmallow, something that is not found in any other honey. This honey is collected from Oregon and is cent percent raw, it’s like tasting straight from the honeycomb. Give it a try, as is or with some ice cream or may be with a cup of tea.


Some sweet and healthy honey for honey is to die for. Don’t miss out this opportunity to gift your honey some honey this Valentine, its sweet yet healthy.


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Gift Your Honey Some Honey This Valentine