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How To Choose Fish For Smoking

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Prefer a fish with high fat content for smokingWe all know that since time immemorial smoking has been used to preserve the food and smoking fish was one of the very common methods of preservation in Britain and Europe during the middle ages. So let’s explore how to choose fish for smoking so that the end product turns into a delicious food item. Apart from other important steps involved in smoking, one should be aware of different types of fish for smoking.


Though you can use any type of fish for smoking, but if you choose fat fish for smoking you will get more flavored fish at the end. This is so because the fat fish will absorb more smoke flavor and thus will be tastier. So Salmon, Shad, Smelt, Sablefish, Tuna, Herring, Steel-head and Trout are often classified as goodfor smoking because of the high fat content in them. Further fish with high oil content doesn’t dry out after smoking.


As we all know that good product ends well so it’s important to use fresh fish for smoking. Though some believe that smoking fish will turn even a stale one into a delicious item as smoking enhances the flavor of the fish, but this is wrong. So for smoking fish, go for a fresh one as you won’t be able to improve the quality of fish by smoking. It’s also important to keep the fish cool for as long as possible before smoking and clean it properly to remove all the dirt and bacteria. This will reduce the chances of food poisoning and spoilage. Apart from good quality and disease free fish try to know the natural condition of the fish like don’t use recently spawned Haddock for smoking, it won’t taste good.


You should always try to select a fish which has solid scale structure because the scales hold the fish properly during grilling. So it’s advisable to avoid Catfish and prefer Mullet which has a rib cage. Whole fish or parts either can be used as smoking fish. But it is often seen that fillets with the intact skin smokes better as compared to the cuts.


I hope the information given above might prove helpful to you in selecting a fish for smoking. Try it and savor the smoked taste.


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How To Choose Fish For Smoking