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How To Purchase Dried Crowder Peas

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How good it would have been had there been a simple step-by-step guide telling us how  to shop for grocery items, as in what to look for, how to check the quality, and so on. The need for such guide is felt all the more when I’m out to purchase dried crowder peas or cowpeas.

These black dotted legumes are a warm weather, drought tolerant crop. Dried crowder peas are one of the most important food crops in areas of Asia, Africa, southern Europe, central and south America. In southern United States, crowder peas are a common food item and are eaten fresh like green peas or in dried form.

Purchasing dried crowder peas can be quite a task if you don’t know what to look out for while buying them.

Here I’m providing you a simple guide on purchasing dried crowder peas which are available across all good food stores.

How to purchase dried crowder peas—

  • Visit your neighborhood or any nearby food store or supermarket and look for dried crowder peas in the dried goods section.
  • Check the legumes thoroughly to ascertain that they are not infested or spoilt in any place, before you actually purchase dried crowder peas.
  • Once you’ve made sure that there are no marks or any infestation, go ahead and select the quantity you want to buy.
  • After selecting the required quantity get it weighed and purchase the dried crowder peas by paying at the cash counter either by credit card or cash.
  • In case you don’t find the dried crowder peas in the store, you can always place an order with the store owner/manager for the same.

Shopping for dried crowder peas can also be done online if you want to save that trip to the store.

To purchase dried crowder peas online what you have to do is—

  • For purchasing dried crowder peas online, search for the dried crowder peas and look for stores that stock it up.
  • Visit a site that you want and check for the price.
  • You can always check and compare prices at different online stores before purchasing dried crowder peas.
  • After ascertaining yourself, place an order at the site you feel is offering quality at effective price.
  • Pay online by credit card and sit back and relax while your order gets delivered.

I hope these simple steps will prove helpful  when you go out next time to purchase dried crowder peas.

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How To Purchase Dried Crowder Peas