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How To Select The Best Grapefruit In The Market

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Grapefruit with its combination of sweetness and tartness is a favorite with many. If you are confused as to how to select the best grapefruit in the market, a little knowledge about its origins and the various varieties available can help you select the best grapefruit.


Grapefruit is an exotic tropical fruit from the Coachella and Imperial deserts of California. It is a cross between the sweet orange and pumsmelo. The fruit grows best in typical tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and warm nights. The fruit is available all round the year at farmers markets. Selecting the best grapefruit largely depends on understanding the growing areas and the calendar of varieties.


Tips To Select The Best Grapefruit


  • Desert grapefruit tastes best after Christmas. Buy these from January to April at farmers markets.

  • Select the best grapefruit during March to May from those grown in San Joaquin Valley. The fruit is not sweet as the ones in the previous months but definitely worth the buy.

  • If you are planning to buy grapefruits in months of November through February or March, you can select the best grapefruit from among the hybrid varieties of Melogold and Oroblanco. Oroblanco has a thick skin but is superior in flavor.

  • In February and April buy grapefruits that are from Inland Empire. These fruits are larger in size, heavier and a bright yellow in color.

  • Late spring and summer is best for grapefruits from Riverside, Hemet and Redlands.

  • Selecting the best grapefruit during late April and summer should not miss the red Star Ruby grapefruit from the Pauma Valley, San Diego County. These ripen faster and are ready by spring.

  • Traditional grapefruit farmers sell the sour variety of grapefruit in farmers markets now. These are as sour as lemons but have a loyal following. If you are looking for sweet varieties this is certainly not the time to select best grapefruit unless you are fond of the tartness.

  • The ultra-late-season grapefruit can be bought from farmers markets and home gardens in late summer and autumn. These fruits are very sweet and full of flavor.


Select the best grapefruit from the market based on the ripening season and be sure to get the best flavor.


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How To Select The Best Grapefruit In The Market