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Best Popcorn Gift Baskets

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Even though the best popcorn gift baskets are a specialty during National Popcorn Day, popcorn gift baskets can be enjoyed throughout the year. Popcorn gift baskets are ideal for honoring the food that forms an indefinable bond with American culture.

A Factual Look at National Popcorn Day


The day is one of the many January food holidays celebrated in US. Reportedly, there is a confusion as to which day in January it falls on. Traditionally, it is claimed to fall on the 19th of January, but there is a large section who celebrate National Popcorn Day on the 30th or even the 31st of January. While there are no rules restricting the celebration to only one of these days, the entire month of January is crispier and lighter with various activities arranged in honor of the 'healthy snack' – the popcorn.


Popcorn Gift Baskets for Everyone at All Times


There are no hard and fast rules of sending popcorn gift baskets to friends or family. They are attractive gifts that can be sent to children and adults alike. The many flavors that they are available in makes them a convenient and healthy snack for everyone.


Popcorn gift baskets make good gifts for dads on Father's Day and moms on Mother's Day. Just remember to add that very personal touch by sending caramel popcorn drizzled with almonds along with a box of strawberries and cream for mom.


Popcorn gift baskets for boys can include cheddar, savory as well as jalapeño tins. Alternately, you can opt for popcorn gift tins that come with colors and logos of sports teams. These will surely be attractive to aspiring young sports enthusiasts. The food basket can be made even more alluring with soft drink cans.


Gift baskets of popcorn are very affordable and easy to transport or ship. The lightweight baskets can be shipped at very reasonable rates and make impressive gifts. An addition of nuts and dried fruits makes these food baskets ideal for family gifts that can be enjoyed while watching a movie or a game. Popcorn gift baskets also make exquisite holiday gifts, like during Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.

Gourmet popcorn provides you with umpteen number of basket ideas to keep your friends and family happy. Happy gifting!!

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Best Popcorn Gift Baskets