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How To Identify Pure Honey

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How to identify pure honey is actually an art not known by many. There are several ways to identify pure honey. However, here are few easy tests to identify pure honey.

1.         Dissolution test- In a glass full of water, pour a spoon of honey. Stir it for a while. If the honey     settles down it is pure. If it dissolves, it contains impurities.

2.         Burning test- To conduct this test you need honey, candle and a matchbox.

Dip the candle into the honey. Now with the help of matchstick light the candle. If the wick starts to burn, you have pure honey.

3.         Stain test- Take a piece of cloth and rub some honey on it. Leave it for a minute. Now wash the stain with water. If the stain disappears, honey is pure. If it remains, you have impure honey.

4.         Aniline Chloride Test- To identify pure honey through this test, you need aniline and hydrochloric acid and a ceramic vessel. Make a solution by mixing aniline and hydrochloric acid in tree to one ratio. Put some honey in the vessel and pour the solution of aniline and hydrochloric acid. If the color changes to red, honey is not pure.

Apart from these tests, one can also identify pure honey through these observations.

Ants and honey- Impure honey contains excess sugar and thus attracts ant. Ants do not go near pure honey.

Touch and feel- One can also identify pure honey through its texture. Pure honey is thick and coarse whereas the one with impurities is smooth and clear.

Sugar content- Impure honey contains artificial sweeteners which make it taste sweeter than the pure honey.

Expensive- Pure honey is natural and thus expensive.

pH Level- The pH level of pure honey is high and thus can be preserved for a long time. However, impure honey gets deteriorated soon.

Hope you will make a careful choice when buying honey the next time.

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How To Identify Pure Honey