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Top 10 Gifts for An Aspiring Chef – Part 2

Yep, here is the final and concluding part of Top 10 Gifts for An Aspiring Chef. This is the post where I will be talking about cool gifting ideas for chefs. If you have missed out on Part 1, click here.


5. Larousse Gastronomique

Larousse Gastronomique is similar to the thesaurus of cooking. Buy it. This is one of the wisest gifting ideas. So gift it. Your chef will appreciate your wisdom later.


4. A Private Class with Heston Blumenthal

If you can pull this one off, then you can do just about anything. Because, this is almost Mission Impossible or to some it might sound as Mission Are-You-Out-Of-Your-Mind. This man is legendary; a magician inside the kitchen. If you cannot get a private class; get your chef The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by the man himself.


3. A Copy of Your 150 Year Old Family Recipe Book

I will not normally recommend this, because some wouldn't want to share the recipe secrets that have been part of their family legacy. But, if you think that your dear chef could benefit from it, then go ahead and do it. If you are in love with a chef, then this would be one of the gifting ideas might even bring a tear to his/her eye.


2. Flavor Infused Salts

Every chef enthusiast likes to play around with flavors and would like to experiment with cooking. Having that in mind, getting him or her a set of flavor infused salts will be one of the flavorful gifting ideas. You will have to do some searching to find these salts; hickory-smoke, lemon-garlic, balsamic, mesquite smoke,sage, or porcini.


1. The Apron

A chef needs his/her own apron. Personalized the better. You can buy a nice white apron and have his or her name embroidered or printed on it. Or if your chef is more flamboyant just like the way he or she cooks, then you could have something printed on the apron that says, 'The Baddest Chef in Town'. This tops my gifting ideas list, 'coz I love it.


Finally, like I said in Part 1, I have a thing for men who can cook and wear 'em those adorable 'KISS THE COOK' aprons. Besides, I have plenty of gifting ideas for your birthday. So, if you are single, and can cook, and have an apron; gimme a holler.


Lol! I hope you found what you were looking for here. Mazel Tov!


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Top 10 Gifts For An Aspiring Chef – Part 2