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Top 5 Christmas Baking Gifts

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Christmas is just round the corner and you must be thinking about gift ideas for your near and dear ones – why don’t you try Christmas baking gifts? Top 5 Christmas baking gifts can add a personalized touch and make your friends feel really special. In case you are falling short of ideas, here are some Christmas baking gifts for your choice.


Jar mixes– Mix in as many types of cookies in these jars and pack them well. You can include walnut cookies, sugar coated coconut cookies, chocolate walnut and corn cookies in these jars and use them as your Christmas baking gifts.


Truffles – These make wonderful personalized Christmas food gifts for your friends. Include a variety of your own baked truffle or just a single type of truffle in your basket.


Homemade bread– Freshly made homemade bread makes a great gift option. You can include ginger, strawberry flavored, chocolate, butter scotch or walnut bread in any gift basket. Try and include as many varieties of bread in a basket along with a homemade flavored butter. You can also include homemade jam and pack it – truly one of the loved Christmas baking gifts.


Sugared nuts– These Christmas food gifts are prepared with cinnamons and pecans, excellently coated in sugar. You can offer these sugared nuts to kids or teenagers as gifts – you will love to see the excitement in their eyes with these sugared nuts.


Rum cakes– Christmas is all about cakes and cookies – how can we forget a Christmas gift without cakes. Rum cakes are mouthwatering – include a rum cake as part of your Christmas baking gifts


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Top 5 Christmas Baking Gifts