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How To Buy Fresh Blue Cheese

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You don’t need to be a cheese expert for buying fresh blue cheese. Just learn few vital characteristics of blue cheese and there you have the knowledge of how to buy fresh blue cheese.


  1. Check the manufactured date and expiry date of the cheese.

  2. See how the cheese has been stored. It should be stored exactly the way cheese makers have instructed. It is because the texture, taste and freshness of the cheese, depend on how the cheese monger has stored his cheeses.

  3. Ideally blue cheese is tightly wrapped and kept in a refrigerator. Wrapping helps to prevent formation of mold pockets that occurs due to passage of air.

  4. Always taste the cheese before buying. Do insist the shopkeeper to allow you to taste it. A good shopkeeper will always allow you to taste his stuff.

  5. Fresh blue cheeses have a strong peppery flavor, so buy the one that complies with these characteristics.

  6. Cambozola cheese is mild to taste and has a creamy texture, so don’t look for intensely flavored Cambozola cheese.

  7. Blue cheeses have sharp taste and the flavors last longer. This is a basic characteristic of fresh blue cheese. Beware of imitation blue cheese; they will not have these characteristics.

  8. Fresh blue cheeses have pungent aroma and musty flavors including aroma of freshly prepared buttermilk. So smell for these aromas before buying.

  9. Blue cheese that has whiter mold has not been handled correctly. Either they are less fresh or they will lose their freshness very soon. So avoid buying them.

  10. A rotten smelling blue cheese has sour taste and is damp; this cheese is not fresh and should not be bought.


Use your taste buds and nose; they are the best tools for buying fresh blue cheese.  Now you can even help your friends when they go for shopping blue cheese and even train them on how to buy fresh blue cheese.


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How To Buy Fresh Blue Cheese