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How To Select Wild Salmon

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Fish is considered to be a healthy alternative to the red meats but you do have to be careful while purchasing them.  It is imperative to know how to select wild salmon when you have set your mind to eat the delicious sea food. It is also advisable to check the FDA standards before going into the supermarket with the intent of selecting fish food.  It is perfectly alright to check out a few basic facts that will enable you to make the right decision and you would never have to worry about how to select wild salmon again. Let us now look at the ways of selecting fish food items particularly the wild salmon.


  • You need to be aware about the right time of the year first and foremost. Most newspapers including the Washington Times carry news items on the availability of wild salmons and early summer is considered to be the best for selecting fish food especially the wild salmon.
  • Discoloration of the fish is the most obvious sign of it rotting. Any greenish or yellowish tinge on the body of the fish should not be ignored while selecting fish food.
  • The firmness of the flesh along with bright red colored gills is a clear indication of the wild salmon being fresh.
  • Dark, clear eyes are yet another sign of the salmon being fresh. Sunken eyes or eyes that look opaque or milky should strictly be avoided while selecting fish food.
  • The smell is one of the basic points to be noted if you are still wondering about how to select wild salmon. A fresh sea like flavor slightly salty is a mark of freshness while an ammonia like odor should help you in discarding it.


The wild salmon can be also be purchased in cans. It is imperative, however, to check out the can for dents and the expiry date before you hope to enjoy this delicious fish for dinner.


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How To Select Wild Salmon