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Betty's Trip To Ale-8-one Soft Drink Bottling Plant

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In this video, Betty and Rick tour the Ale-8-one Bottling Plant in Winchester, Kentucky. Ale-8-one, also called "A Late One," is a soft drink that was first bottled and sold in the 1920's. The recipe was developed by G. L. Wainscott, who had been in the soft drink business since 1902. The secret recipe is now known by only two people, the owner of the company, Mr. Wainscott's great nephew and also Mr. Wainscott's great great nephew. We found the tour of the bottling plant very interesting, as this drink is tremendously popular in our area. The Ale-8-one company donates the bottled and canned soft drink (in diet and regular forms) to our troops overseas, who are homesick for the drink they grew up with. The company also produces and sells Ale-8-one Salsa and Ale-8-one Barbecue Sauce. 60 cents of the profit on each jar of the barbecue sauce is donated the 4-H club and to the FFA club, and the logos of each club is one the label. The Ale-8-one company was kind enough to supply Rick and me with a regular six-pack and a diet six-pack of the beverage, along with 2 jars of sweet salsa, 2 jars of spicy salsa, 2 jars of barbecue sauce, and several recipe cards to make use of these products. I will be making a recipe of my own using Ale-8-one and uploading it for you tomorrow. If you are not able to obtain the Ale-8-one drink that is used in the recipe, you may substitute an equal amount of ginger ale.

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Betty's Trip To Ale-8-one Soft Drink Bottling Plant Video