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How To Identify Refined Sugars In A Super Market?

Refined sugars may sound the alarm bell for many health aficionados, who follow a strict diet –regimen, consciously accounting their daily input of calories. In an era of processed foods, it is but natural to find refined sugar as an ingredient in many a product found in the supermarket. So how to identify refined sugars in a supermarket and make the best pick of health from your shopping?
Let’s first quickly analyze as to why refined sugars are a strict no-no for good health?

Refined sugars are manufactured by removing the trace quantities of mineral, fiber from plants such as sugar cane, sugar beets, and corn and you arrive at the end-product called table sugar.

Now why you need to identify refined sugars in a super market? Refined sugars do not carry much of nutrient value but only calories. Excess consumption of refined sugars can lead to slow tooth decays, hypoglycemia, hampered immune system functioning and even diabetes. One of the many reasons why health experts and nutritionists strictly advocate the exclusion of processed foods from your diet.

Now, when you go to a supermarket what products should you look out for to identify refined sugars?

Here is a list of products that contain refined sugars:

•    Chocolates/ Candies : Most chocolates do contain added sugar but candies are a sure eye-catcher for refined sugar. The many other names used for refined sugar is invert sugar, fructose, dextrose, powdered sugar, high fructose corn syrup- some ingredients to look out for on candy labels.

•    Drinks : Soft drinks or energy drinks do contain a high amount of added sugar to give an instant boost of energy. The refined sugars can also be labeled as cane sugar, raw sugar or corn syrup. Real fruit juices may have only naturally-occurring sugar.

•    Cereal : How to identify refined sugars in a super market is quite simple as your routine breakfast  cereal also contains added sugar especially kids’ cereals with marshmallows are what you have to watch out for. Even mildly sweetened cereals can have heavy amount of sugar added to it.

•    Baked products : Pastries, cakes, doughnuts or even bread cannot do without refined sugars even the savory variety of breads are identified with refined sugars. If you are conscious about making your pick of healthy bakes you could consult with your dietician as to how much added sugar per serving is permissible.

•    Ice cream:  Ice creams are easy to identify as refined sugar products in the super market. Be it ice cream sandwiches or ice cream pops, frozen yoghurts, they all contain significant amount of refined sugar in them.

•    Jams and Jellies: These supermarket stocks have a glaring label of added refined sugars. The sweeteners are a must ingredient for jams and jellies. If you are looking for low-sugar substitutes, then apple butter and marmalades should be your pick.

How to identify refined sugars in a supermarket will become an easy task as our look-up of refined sugar products sheds light on the labels behind their backs!

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How To Identify Refined Sugars In A Super Market?