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Top 10 Expensive Food Item Gifts

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Running out of ideas on what to gift your friend on her birthday? If your friend enjoys Gourmet food and cooking, giving her a food item as a gift may be a good choice.  Read on to know what can be the top 10 expensive food item gifts.                                                                            



Expensive food gifts


There is a huge variety of food products available in the market which may be given as a gift. We have consolidated some of the most exclusive and luxury food items that can be gifted to a business associate or to a special family friend. Some of these items are rare but small quantities are still affordable if you are looking for exclusivity and don’t mind spending a little extra on the food gifts.Our suggestions include:



Saffron: It is one of the most expensive spices available in the world and is handpicked. Each saffron flower contains only three stigmas, which need to be picked by hand and 75,000 of these flowers need to be picked up to prepare just one pound of saffron threads. It is used for its intense flavour and aroma and bright yellowish-orange colour.



Truffles :  Truffles have been enjoyed and valued since ancient times and is called as the “Food of the kings”.  Truffles are edible mushrooms which are rare to find and are harvested in the wild areas. The white truffle, referred to as the white diamond is one of the most expensive variety available and is sold for anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars.



Kobe Beef:  Kobe beef is a very high quality beef which comes from Japanese cattle called ‘Wayagu’, raised in the Kobe region of Japan. The beef has a unique delicious flavour and texture. 



Celtic Salt:  This is an expensive French salt which is prepared by evaporating the waters of the Celtic sea marshes present in Brittany, France. The salt has a mellow flavour and is slightly sweet in taste.  The more expensive variety of Celtic Sea salt is the Fleur de sel, which is a salt obtained from the marshes in Guerande. This salt is expensive as it is said to form only during the time when an easterly wind blows.


Foie Gras: Pronounced as fwa gra, Foie Gras in French means “fat liver”. It is a very popular delicacy in the French cuisine. It is essentially the liver of a duck or a goose which has been fattened by force feeding. The liver has a soft and velvet like texture and has a nice meaty texture.



Caviar:  Caviar consists of the unfertilized eggs of the sturgeon fish and is an expensive delicacy. Classic varieties of caviar are found in Iran and Russia where it is harvested by fishermen who work in the Caspian Sea. The best caviar in the world is said to come from a species of sturgeon fish called Beluga.



Cheese: Although moose cheese, produced in Swiss is considered as the most exclusive, and expensive cheese in the world, there is range of high quality French cheese which can be given as a gift item. Small gift packs of cheese samplers may be a great gift to your loved ones.



Honey:  The exclusive honey called Life Mel is sold at £42 per bottle. It has a rich flavour and is prepared by bees fed on special diet. It has a pleasant aroma and is prepared in Israel.



Chocolates: Chocolates are almost everyone’s favourites. Based on the receiver’s preference, gift hampers of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, bitter chocolate etc can be gifted. Belgian chocolates are one of the most popular chocolate varieties.



Italian Olive Oils: Italian Olive oils are one of the best available in the world and it can form a lovely gift for people who love Italian cooking and prefer extra virgin olive oils in their cooking.



For gifting the above, either one can give individual items as gifts or if a person does not mind shelling out some extra bucks, then a gift hamper may be ordered online or bought in a store. Mix and match option may also be great, like an expensive food item can be sent along with relatively cheaper in price food items. Pairing an expensive Olive oil bottle with chocolates, cheese etc. may form a lovely gift.



We hope that our article on top 10 expensive food items gifts would have given you some more choices on what to gift your friend. Expensive food gifts do have an exclusivity quotient which may not be present in the other commonly available food items.


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Top 10 Expensive Food Item Gifts