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How to Choose the Healthiest Rice - Pick the Right Variety

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Through this blog - “how to choose the healthiest rice – pick the right variety,” I am going to tell you which rice should you purchase for the maximum health benefits. With so many varieties of rice available in the market, it is not easy to pick out the right alternative.  So, read this blog on “how to choose the healthiest rich – pick the right variety” to understand which rice is the healthiest and why.

Choosing the healthiest variety of rice 

White rice is the commonest variety of rice. It is also the least expensive. But these days, brown rice is the most preferred choice of the health conscious eaters. Today the darker rice alternatives like the black rice are also gaining in a lot of popularity. The nuttier taste and the nutritional value of the dark pigmented rice are getting noticed by more people now.

Fiber content

Although, the darker varieties of rice like brown rice and black rice are almost same in their caloric value and carbohydrate content when compared to the white rice, they win over the latter in the fiber content. Brown rice has 6 times more fiber content that the overly processed white rice.

Nutritive value

Both brown rice and black rice undergo minimal processing and this preserves maximum of their nutrition. For example, the brown rice has increased amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein as compared to white rice. While processing, the husk of the white rice is removed and this deprives the white rice from most of its vitamins, fiber and minerals. Brown rice contains the husk, which keeps it rich in nutrients. Also, dark rice is always richer in iron than white rice. This is because the rice is processed in a way which enriches its nutritional value. Brown rice also has a high content of phytonutrients, which keeps it on par with vegetables and fruits.  

Wild rice

When comparing the wild rice, brown rice and white rice, the wild rice emerges the easy winner. That’s because, it contains the least calories and carbohydrates with comparable amounts of fiber and protein like that of brown rice. However, wild rice is somewhat lower in mineral content than brown rice. 

The bottom line

Since, brown rice, black rice and wild rice have been found to be more nutritive, it’s always advisable to go for these rice varieties and eat less of white rice.                                                               

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How To Choose The Healthiest Rice - Pick The Right Variety