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Where to Buy Vegetarian Food When In Paris

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This blog on – “where to buy vegetarian food when in Paris” is dedicated to you, if you are a vegetarian soon to be visiting the French capital. This small guide on where to buy vegetarian food when in Paris shows you the best and the easiest ways to keep your vegetarian stomach full and satisfied on your Paris trip. While Paris is more popular as a meat eater’s heaven, there are some pockets in this lovely city where you can get the yummiest vegetarian food. So, come and discover with me which are these pockets from where to buy vegetarian food when in Paris.

Tips on where to buy vegetarian in Paris


Eating from the French plate

If you want to break away from your regular vegetarian cuisine and want to experiment with the taste of vegetarian Paris, then that’s a great idea. But, don’t limit your Parisian vegetarian sojourns only to the brasseries and bistros. Check out the city’s crêperies too for some delicious bites of authentic French vegetarian dishes. For those who do not eat non-vegetarian foods, for them cheese is a great option to live on when in Paris. The crêperies of Paris offer a rich assortment of cheese based vegetarian foods.

Exploring the world cuisine in Paris

Now, if you want to take a break from your ethnic Parisian dining, then, how about exploring the cuisines of the world? Paris has some excellent Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants, most of which have wonderful vegetarian selections on their menus. For the real bite of India, browse through the eateries clustering at La Chapelle. The best Asian food sellers can be found in the 13th. 

Be the smarter vegetarian in Paris

When in Paris, you better learn to be a smarter vegetarian eater if you want to get the very best of your vegetarian living in this French city. You cannot leave Paris with a smiling face if you haven’t tasted their salads! The cafés of Paris are the best places to discover that salads can come in main course sizes too. Go for the popular croque Monsieur and salade de crudités and you will get a good idea. For casual snacking, trust the le sandwiches that come stuffed with cheese and vegetables and are easily available in the bakeries and pastry shops of Paris.


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Where To Buy Vegetarian Food When In Paris