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How To Choose Your Vodka - Popular Vodka Brands

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Before you go for buying any vodka, you should have clear idea on how to choose your vodka. There are several popular vodka brands available in various price ranges. While choosing your vodka from popular brands, you must consider your budget, as your vodka can be priced as low as $5 to as high as millions - yes, there is this special brand of vodka, which comes in diamond-studded bottles! Knowing about the popular vodka brands will definitely help you to pick up the right choice.

List of Popular Vodka Brand

Absolut – This Swedish vodka is the most premium vodka in world. Made from locally grown wheThe color changing martiniat and well water, this will offer you maximum smoothness and lightness.

Belvedere – It is the authentic vodka from the country of vodka, Poland. To enhance the clearness and taste of the drink this is distilled for 4 times.

Boru – This Irish vodka is one of the dignified choices of many vodka loving persons. It is the ideal choice for the people who enjoy original taste and smell of the vodka.

Chopin – This is premium potato vodka manufactured in Poland. The pungent aroma of this drink has a special effect on the vodka loving persons.

Ciroc – Being an ultra-premium brand, this vodka is prepared from high quality Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes in South Western France. This brand of vodka is distilled for five times to get the refined taste.

Finlandia – This brand of vodka is the ideal choice for the persons who appreciate great quality, utmost purity and supreme versatility. The drink is prepared from barley and spring water with state-of-the art distillation process.

Grey Goose – This unique vodka is a product of western France, which is made from finest French Wheat and natural spring water filtered with champagne limestone. It is recommended as the world’s best testing vodka.

Pearl – This vodka is produced in Alberta, Canada and is made from Albertan wheat and natural water from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The vodka is distilled for 5 times. In 2001, it won the award “White Spirit of the Year”.

SKYY – This American vodka is made from 100% pure natural water and it is quadruple distilled and triple filtered. The manufacturer of this brand claims that it is hangover free.

Smirnoff – Being the largest selling brand of the world, this vodka is available for everyone irrespective of their financial background. Smirnoff is triple distilled and 10 times filtered. This is the ideal choice for making cocktails.

Stolichnaya – It is the authentic Russian vodka made from the best tasting wheat and purest glacial water. The drink is filtered through charcoal and quartz to gain the spectacular smoothness and clarity.

Three Olives – This award-winning and ultra-premium vodka comes from England. The quadruple distilled and quadruple filtered vodka is perfect for any type of mixing.

Other than these brands, there are plenty of choices which could be available to your locality. Before buying your own, first taste the brand in your favorite drinking spot to get an idea about the drink.

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How To Choose Your Vodka - Popular Vodka Brands