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Where to Buy Vegetarian Food When In London

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If you are a vegetarian soon to visit London, then, you must know where to buy vegetarian food when in London. As more and more people are taking to vegetarianism in London like the people in the other parts of the world, the grocery stores there are stocking up more vegan and vegetarian food items. So, as long as you know where to buy vegetarian food when in London, you will not have any problem living there, where, filling your stomach is concerned! Whether you are looking for soymilk, veggie burgers or dairy substitutes, there are stores and eateries aplenty in London. Here in this blog today, I will discuss in detail where to buy vegetarian in London...



Shopping for vegetarian food in London

It is never easy to cope up in a new place. It sure takes time to adapt to your new surroundings. The biggest challenge comes when you don’t know where to arrange your foods from. While the other things might be taken care of later, food is one thing which needs to be taken care of immediately because hunger pangs can rob you off all your peace! The case is more problematic when you are a vegetarian. Vegetarian food may not always be easy to come by like non-vegetarian foods. But, as you read this guide you will come to know where to buy vegetarian food when in London. 


Shopping for raw vegetarian food

There are a number of “vegans only” grocery stores in London, from where you can shop for the natural raw foods to stock up your kitchen. Plus, yes, there are these regular vegetarian departmental stores too, which have a raw vegetarian food section. In these stores, you can buy everything from health foods, spices, fruits, and vegetables to soy cheeses, sauces, tofu, salad dressings, whole grains, vegetarian deli meats and more. You can hit one of these best known vegetarian grocery stores to do your everyday vegetable shopping - 

*Planet Organic (Neighborhood - Islington)

*Coopers Natural Foods (Neighborhood - Southwark)

*Spitalfields Organics (Neighborhood – Spitalfields)

*The Grocery (Neighborhood – Haggerston)

*Whole Foods Market (Neighborhood – Kensington)


Vegetarian cafés

If you are on the lookout for vegetarian cafes in London, you will have a plenty of options. In these cafes, you can enjoy vegetarian snacks, coffees and teas. Some of these cafes also have salad bars and juice bars. Plus, many of these cafés in London also sell vegetarian fast foods like baked foods, burgers and chips and light vegetarian meals. Some of these cafes are purely vegan. These are amongst the top rated vegetarian cafés in London –

*Gallery Café (Neighborhood – Bethnal Green)

*Gossip (Neighborhood – London Fields)

*Mrs Marengo’s (Neighborhood – Soho)

*My Village Café (Neighborhood – Camden Town)

*World Food Café (Neighborhood – Covent Garden)


Vegetarian restaurants and takeaways 



If you know where to buy vegetarian food when in London, you will discover London is a paradise for vegetarians! From the fine dining restaurants to causal eateries, there are several dining out options in London. While some of these restaurants and takeaways serve multi-cuisine fares, there are others which sell regional European food or specialty cuisines like Asian, Indian, Continental, American, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and so on. Here are the top five picks for you –

*222 Veggie Vegan – Vegetarian and vegan fares (Neighborhood – Earls Court)

*Tate Modern Restaurant – Modern European cuisine (Neighborhood – Southwark)

*Maoz – Fast food and Takeaways (Neighborhood – Soho)

*Bar Shu – Chinese food (Neighborhood – Soho)

*Benihana – Japanese food (Neighborhood – Soho)



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Where To Buy Vegetarian Food When In London