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How to Pick Juicy Fruit?

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Tired of being fleeced at the supermarket every time you go to buy some good, juicy fruit for yourself? Well, picking a juicy fruit is now easier than ever because we bring you a step-wise guide to making your pick when it comes to the juiciest, sweetest fruits that nature has to offer. We will show you how to pick a juicy fruit in the following lines:

1) Touch: This simple method will tell which peaches to pick and which not. Just pick up a fruit in your hand and feel it. The skin should be smooth, clean, unblemished. Besides, berries, of any kind, should be firm but plump, not soft. Also check the color of the fruit. It has to be bright and glossy, not pale or withery. In case of watermelon, those which thump deep should be taken home.
2) Smell: If the fruit is ripe and fresh, it will be sweet in fragrance and, thus, will taste definitely good. However, if it does not give out a pleasant fragrance, it is perhaps still unripe, so, should be put back on the shelf.
3) No marks: Always look for insect damage on the outer skin of your fruit. There should not be any bite marks either on the rind.
4) Check the size: A fruit like apple, orange and lemon should feel heavy as compared to its size. This means that it is juicy. Take care to pick up small to medium sized citrus fruits because they are sweeter and juicier as compared to their larger varieties.

Now that you have learnt how to pick a juicy fruit, next we would bring how to store a juicy fruit. Till then, enjoy your apples, oranges, peaches and grapes!!!! (Photo:

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How To Pick Juicy Fruit?