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Healthy Tip To Save Grocery Money

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Easy to do and much better for your body and budget!
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Basic Packet:
1/8 C Whole Rolled Oats
1/4 C Instant Oats (see my other video to make those)
pinch of Sea Salt

Flavor with your choice of dried fruits, nuts, healthy sweetners and spices.

Usually approx. 1/2 C boiling water.

Some like is more thick than others so the water amount is approximate. We eye-ball it until it covers the grains and stir.

Use your imagination to stretch your grocery dollars the healthy way!

This keeps convenience foods healthy and more fugal than pre-packaged brands.

Best Blessings!

Also Known as: 
Healthy Tip To Save Grocery Money : Instant Oatmeal Flavors
Oats are better source of fiber for healthy life. Do you want to know some useful tips for saving money on groceries and making your breakfast very fast. Donna is talking about how you can save money while shopping and how to prepare your breakfast very quickly.

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