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Shake, in the culinary context, most often refers to the milkshake, a creamy and sweet, white or differently colored dessert drink made of milk or milk-based product such as ice cream, with a variety of flavorings. Shakes have always been one of the fondly consumed beverages around the world. Popular shake recipes include those for chocolate, strawberry, oreo cookies, banana, vanilla, marshmallow, mint , pineapple, blackberry, and raspberry.

History of Shakes

The first shake was first prepared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1885 a beverage resembling eggnog was made with eggs and whiskey and people enjoyed it as a refreshing drink and also as a medicine for some ailments. Later, heavy drinks made with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavorings became popular amongst the youngsters. These were made with ice cream as the base. The early 0th century saw the invention of drinks mixed with electric blenders. Prior to that, the early shakes were made with hand blenders. Malt drinks were one of the first drinks belonging to the category of shakes. Frosted shakes were invented in the 1930s. Shakes of different kinds like cabinets, frappes, or velvets were invented in the 1950s. The modern day milkshakes are being made from the human health perspective. They are served by popular restaurants and food joints in many countries of the world, especially United States as they are perceived to be a profitable investment as the drink consists of a significant proportion of air.

Commonly Used Ingredients of Shake Recipes

A shake is mostly a sweet drink and the mandatory element in it is sugar. Milk or milk based products like cream or ice cream are the other ingredients that are commonly used in the preparation of shakes. A vast majority of flavoring agents are used. Flavored syrups of vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate or others are used. Finely chopped fruit and nuts of choice are added to the drink, though they are optional elements. The American shakes are made without ice cream. Whipped cream topping is one of the favorite toppings for a milk shake. To suit gourmet tastes, milkshakes may also be made with exotic ingredients. Cream and liquor, coffee and avocado, and coconut shake recipes are favorites of the gourmet versions of this delectable dessert drink.

Method of Preparation of Shakes

A basic shake is very easy to prepare. All the ingredients are placed in an electric blender and blended well till a smooth, creamy and thick liquid is obtained. Crushed ice is often added to the ingredients unless otherwise specified. Party shakes are often elaborate. A number of flavorful ingredients which may be different varieties of fruits or nuts or chocolate chips are added to the milk or ice cream. Condensed milk or iced milk also constitutes common bases for a number of shakes. Finely chopped fruits and nuts are added while blending or after it. Whipped cream topping, with strawberry syrup or chocolate sauce is a much-loved topping for the beverage. Coloring agents are added at the time of blending. Synthetic food colors are not used much these days. The drink obtains its natural color from its ingredients. For example, strawberry shake acquires an appealing pink color when the strawberries are blended with ice cream or milk , and almond milkshake obtains an alluring yellowish cream color.

Serving Shakes

A shake is usually enjoyed as a cool and soothing summer drink as it is commonly served chilled in tall and transparent glasses which serve to enhance its visual appeal. The toppings are often included just before serving and they tend to greatly increase the presentational worth of the beverage. Shakes are served with a straw for consumption, though many people prefer to sip it directly from the glass.

Popular Shake Recipes

Though the number of shakes is quite large, a few popular shake recipes are discussed here.

• Vanilla shake – it is one of the most basic shakes and is made with milk and vanilla ice cream. Vanilla syrup is added for flavoring. Whole milk and a mixture of milk and cream in equal proportion called half and half is added. The contents are blended once and then later with sugar once more in an electric blender. Crushed ice is added or the drink is chilled before serving.

• Oreo cookies shake - this is one of the most popular shakes. It is not prepared in an electric blender. The ingredients ice cream, and milk are blended by manually stirring with the hand and crushed oreo cookies are added and stirred in. Whipped cream topped with sprinkles is often considered a compelling topping for the drink.

• Banana shake- one of the most popular fruit shakes, this drink is made conveniently by blending pieces of soft and ripe banana with milk, ice cream, and sugar. A small amount of cinnamon helps to enhance the flavor of the drink.

• Super Foamy – this is a very foamy milkshake made with skimmed milk , whey, inulin and gum powders

• Diet shake- this beverage is made keeping the human health perspective in view. It is made with low fat milk and ice cream. For health drinks, sugar may be replaced with other sweetening agents by the shake recipes. It is recommended to prepare health shakes at home rather than purchase packaged ones as it is seen that packaged ones claiming to be healthy contain a number of chemicals. A good diet shake can prove to be a substantial diet supplement for those who skip solid food in order to lose weight. The diet shake recipes today are loaded with a number of nutrients and they are very energizing. These days milk and ice cream are being replaced with yogurt or low fat yogurt( by those who want to reduce body weight). Even sherbets made of pure fruit juices are used. Low fat chocolate can be used for chocolate shake recipes. The toppings used, though tasty, should be made with low fat chocolate sauces, or fruit purees.

Shake Trivia

A shake is a food of choice for dentists as they recommend it for their patients after a painful treatment. After a root canal treatment or filling of the tooth, the patient is given a milkshake which has a soothing effect on him/her. The pleasant taste, the filling substance and the cool effect helps in relieving the pain and appeases any hunger which the patient might be feeling. The delicious beverage also helps in relieving the mental tension of the patients regarding a tooth treatment. The shake also helps in treating the wounds in the mouth at the point of operation.