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Seafood Ball

Seafood ball is a delicious fritter prepared by using sea food as the main ingredient. These balls are popular in Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Cajun cuisine and are usually made by meat of crabs, shrimps, prawn, fish and other sea creatures. Seafood balls are usually the size of tennis balls and are savory in taste.

In countries like China, fish balls are eaten majorly and cod and tuna are the mostly used fishes for making these delicious seafood balls.

Preparation and Ingredients

The ingredients typically used for sea food ball recipe includes crab meat, shrimp meat, fish, onion, garlic, pepper, flour, milk, salt, jalapeno pepper, white pepper and oil.

The seafood used for making these balls usually varies as per the taste and preference. Even the choice of the fish differs from region to region owing to the availability and taste. Crawfish, tuna, salmon and garfish are some of the fish varieties widely used for this dish. The seasoning, spices and inclusion of vegetables makes the seafood balls even more delectable.

A typical preparation of seafood balls calls for mixing the drained meat of crabs, shrimp and fish with other ingredients. Once a firm and smooth mixture is formed, small balls are prepared of it and are fried or baked until golden.


Seafood balls are usually served warm as an appetizer or as a main course meal. When served as appetizer, these balls pair well with hot and spicy dips. When prepared in gravy form, these balls are served as a main course meal along with crusty breads or steamed rice.

The usual topping or garnishes or seafood balls includes, parsley leaves, mint leaves, basil leaves, whipped cream or lemon slice and spice mix.


Seafood ball is a versatile dish and can be cooked in many different ways with a different set of ingredients. The seafood variety differs from place to place for the sea food ball recipe. Corn and cheese are often included in the recipe which makes the ball creamy and tastier. When served with wine and drinks, these balls include vegetables or pork meat along with them. Seafood balls are an important feature of Cajun cooking. These balls make a delightful supper and are prepared by rolling the fish, crabmeat and oyster mixture over the breadcrumbs and then by finally frying until golden. In South Indian cuisine also, these balls are very popular and are commonly prepared in curry form. Coconut, tamarind, garlic and lemon are often included to make spicy fish balls in South Indian cuisine.