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Seafood is a culinary term applied to edible vegetation or meat of living things that dwell in seawater. A number of seafood recipes include preparations using fish, lobster, clam, mussels , crab and other types of seafood. Edible seaweed, like the different types of algae, is a popular culinary ingredient of many cuisines. Grilled Salmon, marinated grilled shrimp, coconut shrimp, Cioppino, and Peppered Shrimp Alfredo are some of the best seafood preparations of the world. The history of seafood is probably as old as when man started eating fish, some sea animals and sea plants for food.

Culinary Uses of Seafood

Seafood mostly consists of a variety of fishes and sea animals like edible mollusks and rarely sea plants. Anchovy, carp, Salmon, Tuna, halibut, Cod, trout, haddock, mackerel and herring are all different species of fishes that cater to the bulk of seafood culinary requirements. Seafood is used for making a number of main course, side course, snack and even some desserts. Shrimp, lobster, clam, scallop and crab dishes are very popular throughout the world, leaving apart the coastal areas where they constitute the main diet of the inhabitants. Seafood dishes are not only hot favorites owing to their taste but also due to their nutritional worth.

Popular Seafood Recipes

Seafood is one of the rare ingredients that are cooked universally in hundreds of ways. Every region has its own special seafood specialty. Therefore it is not possible to rank the best amongst these seafood dishes as the best. Here, a few examples of some popular seafood dishes are given though their actual number is much more:

  • Seafood Cocktail- This is a class of seafood dishes made with shrimp, crab, lobster, clam etc. The dishes have one or more seafoods mixed together to make the dish. Seafood cocktail soups or accompaniment dishes are very popular.

  • Seafood rice and pasta dishes– Main course dishes are made with seafood in combination with rice or pasta. The pasta or rice is cooked separately prior to mixing with a seafood sauce or accompaniment dish. Casserole seafood dishes are also made baking together the pasta or rice with fish or other seafood along with compatible seasonings for flavoring the dish.

  • Seafood Pickles, Molds and Dips– Seafood pickles and dips are very delicious and are eaten along with rice, pasta, or bread dishes. Both savory and sweet sour pickles with seasonings are used. A spicy crab dip with cheese and paprika seasonings and pickled squid are a couple of examples of such dishes. Seafood molds made by freezing a cooked seafood mixture are also widely eaten along with accompaniment dishes.